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Akul Madrecuishe

  • Madrecuishe is a monumental agave whose ‘piña’ grows far from the land. Little Tobalá lives among pine trees and oaks, while Arroqueño needs up to 20 years to reach. maturity. This means each agave variety has features that make it unique. There are three varieties of wild agave, each on with its own personality and uniqueness, sharing in AKUL® Madrecuishe-Tobalá-Arroqueño. It is a daring fusion that results in a highly aromatic mezcal with complex flavors which is ideal on its own.

    • Bottle Size: 700ml bottles

    • Bottle Type: normal-glass

    • Alc. Volume: 45%

    • Producer: Destilería Sacrificio

    • Origin: Tlacolula Oaxaca México

    • Price includes 8,1% VAT (MwSt.)

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