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Tortilla Original 500G

  • Prepared with nixtamalized corn, this 15 cm tortilla is always found on Mexican dinner tables and is perfect to accompany Mexican food. Excellent option for use in tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, chilaquiles and traditional Mexican dishes. "GLUTEN FREE, 100% VEGAN, GMO FREE".

    • Weight: 500 gr.

    • Diameter: 15 cm

    • Ingredients: Nixtamalized corn flour, water, salt

    • Packing: Vacuum and frozen ❄️

    • Producer: Moctezuma Foods

    • Shelf Life: Frozen at -18°C = 365 days / refrigerated +6°C = 90 days 

    • Price includes 2.6% VAT (MwSt.)

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