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Orendain: a family with tradition

The Orendain family name is distinguished among the most famous tequila distilleries – and it’s one with a rich tradition, too. La Chirapa, a tequila factory owned by master distiller Don Delfino González Chávez and his wife, Doña Elisa Orendain, dates back to 1840.

Their nephew and former employee at La Chirapa, Don Eduardo Orendain González, laid the foundation for Casa Orendain in 1926, when he established his own company after acquiring a small and rudimentary distillery, later to come to be known as La Mexicana.
The visionary Don Eduardo Orendain González manufactured his tequila with pride, love and a great commitment to quality, virtues that he passed on to his successors. Gradually, Tequila Orendain gained fame and recognition, and conquered the most demanding palates – not only of Mexico, but of the entire world.

The Orendain brand has received numerous awards and prizes from organisations specialising in quality assurance in Mexico and abroad.

Notwithstanding its success, the tequilas of Casa Orendain are still produced at La Mexicana, which is now owned by the second generation of the Orendain family.

Destilería Sacrificio: pride in traditional craft

Mezcal Sacrificio comes from Oaxaca (wa-haw-ka) in south-west Mexico. Oaxaca’s well preserved indigenous culture, craft tradition, biodiversity and archaeological sites make it an important area for tourism.

Destilería Sacrificio takes pride in applying traditional processes for harvest, baking and distillation in order to obtain an ultra premium mezcal with the rich taste of mature agave. 

The result is an ultra premium mezcal with the unmistakable and delicious taste of mature agave, represented in clean and fresh fruity notes.

In 2013, Mezcal Sacrificio was awarded Double Gold Medal in the distilled rested category by WSWA (Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America). 

In 2014, under the Spirits of the Americas Competition, Mezcal Sacrificio Reposado was awarded with
 the silver medal. In the same year, The Tasting Panel magazine rated Mezcal Sacrificio Reposado with
 94+ points.