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Achiote en Pasta Lol Tun 500G

  • Achiote is a plant native to Mexico, it is the base ingredient for many dishes in southeastern Mexico. It has been used since pre-Hispanic times. In Mexico, when we talk about achiote, we immediately think of a small block of reddish paste that is part of the preparation of a Cochinita Pibil. But, besides being a fundamental ingredient in the cuisine of the southeast, it has other uses. 

    • Weight: 500G.

    • Country: México 

    • Producer: Lol-Tun SA de CV

    • Packing: Box

    • Energie: 125 KJ / 30 Kcal pro 100g 

    • Shelf Life: 2 Years 

    • Price includes 2.6% VAT (MwSt.)

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