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Chile Poblano Fresh 500 G

  • Poblano (pronounced po-BLAH-no) peppers are a mild variety of chile pepper. They are as large or even larger than a bell pepper but are skinnier and have a pointy tip, similar to hot chile peppers like jalapeños. Poblanos are best when peeled and seeded, which can be done more easily after cooking. They are affordable and often sold while green for use in dishes like chile rellenochiles en nogada, and rajas con crema. Dried red poblano peppers are called ancho chile peppers.

    • Weight: 500 G.

    • Country: México 

    • Packing: bag

    • Storage: Refrigeration bei 6°C

    • Shelf Life: Fresh 

    • Price includes 2.6% VAT (MwSt.)

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