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V AIR Vertical Air Flow Full Electronic

  • Discover an easy way to boost slush sales using minimal countertop space, ensuring ease of use and enhancing customer experience. It features a new concept: Vertical Air Flow. the best slush production in the smallest possible space. Fresh air is absorbed under the machine and rises to exit via the rear vents. V-Air is equipped with 4 internal fans, ensuringgood cooling airflow and silent ventilation without heat acumulation under the machine.

    • High Capacity: Newly developed tanks that simplify installation (2x12 Lt.)

    • Fast Slush: Special cooling system

    • Easy to Use: Push & Pull handle in only one group for easy use and cleaning. Multilanguage touch screen and remote control. 

    • Drip Tray: With tray full device

    • High Performance: Perfect Mix, 

    • Price includes 7,7% VAT (MwSt.)

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